Welcome to the first instalment in our ‘What does pet health look like?’ series. Over the next 12 months we’re going to be showing what pet health ‘looks like’ through the eyes of a series of pet owners who will tell us more about how they keep their pets happy and healthy all year round. Through news posts and videos, a range of seasonal topics will be explored each month starting with our first entry on ‘Mental Wellbeing’ – to tie in with World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10th October – brought to us by Sophie Hardy and her pet guinea pig, Chutney. Read more

When school's out, we can spend a lot more time with our pets; days out, extra walks, and all day attention become their summer norm. As the kids go back to school, it is important to ensure that pets still feel just as loved even though the children aren't around all day making the house seem full. Pets are sensitive to changes in routine so read on for some top tips on how you and your pet can beat the post summer holiday blues. Read more