April 20th is World Animal Vaccination Day, a day to recognise the importance and success of vaccination in keeping our pets and farm animals healthy and happy. The idea of vaccination has been around for hundreds of years and was first discovered by Edward Jenner, when he was able to stop a small boy from getting smallpox by vaccinating him with a similar virus called cowpox. Since then many vaccines have been created and are used daily to keep animals from getting deadly diseases such as Canine Parvovirus and Feline Leukaemia Virus Read more

Welcome to the August edition of our ‘What does pet health look like?’ series. This month, we are going to focus on responsible feeding and diet. Though we love to treat our pets (and sometimes ourselves!) it’s important to learn about moderation and make decisions about the food we are feeding our furry friends. Whether it’s about how much is too much, or what is the right diet for your pet, the independent, expert advice on our website is here to help. Read more

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