What does pet health look like this month? Welcome to the December edition of our ‘We Are One Health’ pet owner blog series. Throughout 2019 we’ve been exploring a different topic each month related to our companion animals. With Christmas quickly approaching and we plan what food we will be eating on the big day, we may also be tempted to “treat” our pets which is why we’re focusing this month’s blog on pet nutrition during the festive period   Read more

What does pet health look like this month? Welcome to the November edition of our ‘We Are One Health’ pet owner blog series. Each month we explore a different topic related to our companion animals. This month the topic is diabetes and how to spot the symptoms and care for your animal that has diabetes, as well as what you can do as an owner to prevent your pet from developing diabetes in the first place.  Read more

After Brexit, rules will change on how to take your pet to the EU. You should speak to your vet about extra steps to make sure you can travel. Check how to prepare at  Read more

As temperatures rise, tick numbers are on the increase all over the country. It is an important time to check you are doing all you can to protect your furry friends, as well as yourself.  Read more

Our pets are part of our family, the best friends we could ever have, and when it comes to their health, of course we just want to make sure they are always having the time of their lives. They are our life companions and we, as pet owners, are gatekeepers for their wellbeing. So, are we 100% confident that we are doing whatever it takes to protect them from any harm?  Read more

April 20th is World Animal Vaccination Day, a day to recognise the importance and success of vaccination in keeping our pets and farm animals healthy and happy. The idea of vaccination has been around for hundreds of years and was first discovered by Edward Jenner, when he was able to stop a small boy from getting smallpox by vaccinating him with a similar virus called cowpox. Since then many vaccines have been created and are used daily to keep animals from getting deadly diseases such as Canine Parvovirus and Feline Leukaemia Virus  Read more

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