Bladder issues are a common occurrence in dogs. Signs can range from barely noticeable to unable to urinate. This article covers the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of dog bladder problems.  Read more

Dogs are fantastic animals and owning them is immensely rewarding. They also come with a lot of responsibility and a long-term commitment. Here are our 10 basics of caring for a dog.  Read more

Experiences during the first few months of a puppy’s life have a major influence on his future temperament and character. Socialisation covers a variety of key learning experiences including mixing with other dogs and puppies enabling them to develop social skills.  Read more

Most dogs will suffer from a flea infestation at some point in their lives. Here are our tips for understanding and ridding your dog of fleas.  Read more

Babesiosis is a serious disease spread from host-to-host by infected tick bites. Learn how to recognise babesia symptoms in your dog, how to treat them and how to prevent them.  Read more

Canine parvovirus is a potentially fatal and highly contagious disease that causes sudden and severe gastroenteritis in dogs. It is one of the most highly contagious diseases that can affect a dog.  Read more

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