Still thinking about how to best put into action those new year resolutions to get fitter? Reluctant to shell out for a gym membership you never use? (yes we’ve all done it!) Why not give into those pleading eyes to ignore the January grey and gloom, get outside with your dog and start a ‘Petsercise’ campaign.  Read more

As the festive season is finally upon us, it’s time to deck the halls, hoist the tree and wrap the endless amount of stocking fillers in preparation for the big day. With all this excitement, it’s important to remember the safety of our beloved four-legged friends throughout the holiday season.  Read more

A hard, but inevitable part of owning pets is that you will outlive them, due to their shorter life spans. The immense bond between families and their pets means this can be incredibly upsetting.  Read more

Cats are often stereotyped by colour. Recent research suggests that ginger cats are now more popular among cat owners than their tabby, white or black rivals, says an article in The Telegraph. According to a survey conducted by the University of California, pet owners think ginger cats are by far the most lovable.  Read more

Did you know, over 60% of us celebrate special occasions with our pets? So next time your pet has a special occasion coming up, why not surprise them with a handmade gift from our exciting new range of pet craft ideas, launched as part of our new ‘I heart my pet’ campaign.  Read more

September 28, 2011 marks the fifth World Rabies Day. This annual campaign, led by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, brings the world together to raise awareness and understanding about the importance of rabies prevention.  Read more

Good pet health care is essential to all pet owners, however, if your pet rarely gets ill or has never had an accident it might be tempting to cut out pet insurance altogether. So how important is it really to insure your pet?  Read more

From 2 April – 2 May, National Pet Month will be encouraging people to get happy and healthy spending time with their pets, with its theme of ‘Happiness is….time with your pet’..  Read more

When it comes to the health of our pets, they can’t always tell us when there’s something wrong, so we need to be as proactive as possible in keeping them happy and healthy.  Read more

Whan NOAH made the first pilot showing of the embryonic Pet Health Information website to pet care specialists, veterinary associations and companion animal charities nearly 2 years ago, we chose to do it at the Royal Society headquarters.  Read more

A hard, but inevitable part of owning pets is that you will outlive them, due to their shorter life spans. Here are my reflections following the death of my cat, Christie.  Read more

We have a new addition to the household! A black and white kitten/young cat has joined boxer dog Dylan and black cat Christie as a permanent resident.  Read more

National Pet Month, the charity of which NOAH is a trustee (along with PFMA and Pet Care Trust) is gearing up to its celebrations from 4 April – 4 May.  Read more

We’ve got a great photo of NOAH chief executive Phil Sketchley’s visit to Vets4Pets to present their cheque for winning the ‘It shouldn’t happen to a pet’ competition withtheir great tale of Spliff the Staffy  Read more

The animal welfare organisations involved in PAC are keen to see if the Fireworks Act, introduced in 2003, is being enforced and, principally, whether fireworks are causing any infringement of Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act which makes it an offence to cause any unnecessary suffering to any domestic or captive animals.  Read more

I have to say out of all the cats I’ve had through the years Tiger has to be the most unique. He will be two years this month but still shows no signs of growing up!  Read more

To mark the launch of the Pet Health Information website (, a nationwide search for ‘it shouldn’t happen to a pet’ anecdotes to highlight the lack of awareness of pet health issues amongst owners has revealed some howlers.  Read more

Thinking about animal communication yesterday makes it timely to introduce the feline member of my household, Christie.  Read more

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