We’ve got a great photo of NOAH chief executive Phil Sketchley’s visit to Vets4Pets to present their cheque for winning the ‘It shouldn’t happen to a pet’ competition withtheir great tale of Spliff the Staffy  Read more

The animal welfare organisations involved in PAC are keen to see if the Fireworks Act, introduced in 2003, is being enforced and, principally, whether fireworks are causing any infringement of Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act which makes it an offence to cause any unnecessary suffering to any domestic or captive animals.  Read more

I have to say out of all the cats I’ve had through the years Tiger has to be the most unique. He will be two years this month but still shows no signs of growing up!  Read more

To mark the launch of the Pet Health Information website (, a nationwide search for ‘it shouldn’t happen to a pet’ anecdotes to highlight the lack of awareness of pet health issues amongst owners has revealed some howlers.  Read more

Thinking about animal communication yesterday makes it timely to introduce the feline member of my household, Christie.  Read more

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