Happy, Healthy Pets Project - our 'Small is Beautiful' competition is live!

As part of our mission to build the UK’s biggest ever gallery of happy, healthy pets, we’ve launched our latest competition – ‘Small is beautiful!’

It’s often the small things that mean the most, so whether your pet is a small furry, like a guinea pig or rabbit, a smaller breed or simply the smallest member of your family, we want to see your pet pics! The campaign is part of the Happy, Healthy Pets project which is designed to build the biggest picture of the UK’s happy, healthy pets.

Submit a picture of your small, beautiful pet to the Happy, Healthy Pets Gallery for a chance to win a £125 gift voucher for pet supplies and treats!

Simply click here to upload your entry to the gallery (don’t forget to tick the pink competition box to ensure your entry is included). We’d also love to hear a small tip from you about keeping your pet happy and healthy all year round.

All pictures entered will form part of our ongoing Happy, Healthy Pets Project. The Project is designed to ask owners, vets and pet experts across the country to show what a happy, healthy pet looks like. From cats and dogs to bunnies and fish alike, we want to inspire owners everywhere to make sure their pets receive the best healthcare through independent, expert advice.

I keep Puzzle happy and healthy by playing with her in the garden and doing tricks. she is a loving and very cuddly puppy and i love her to bits. I am teacher her to ring the bell to go outside and this way she is mentally occupied and has fun doing it.

We keep our pup supper happy by playing lots of games, having lots of fun, especially going to the fields to run around ( especially in mud and puddles). Then when he's home he has lots of love.. and occasionally allowed up on the bed next to us to sleep.

Bunny has the run of a rabbit proofed house she will never get bored in. A theme park for her with an open cage, fresh straw, water & greens daily. Boxes to run in, over, under, around & through, toys & access under my bed for play & my head to sleep on!