Happy, Healthy Pets Project


Our mission at the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) is to celebrate healthy, happy pets. To do this, we are building the biggest photo gallery of the UK's happy, healthy pets and you can help by entering your pet's photo into our Happy & Healthy gallery!

Simply click here to upload a photo into our gallery. We'd also love to hear how you keep your pet happy and healthy - and what your pet means to you!

All photos entered will form part of our ongoing Happy, Healthy Pets Project. The project is designed to ask owners, and vet and pet experts across the country to show what a happy, healthy pet looks like. From cats and dogs, to bunnies and fish alike, we want to inspire owners everywhere to make sure their pets receive the best healthcare through independent, expert advice.

Even though I am disabled, I go out with her every day on my mobility scooter, sometimes she rides with me, all depends on how hot it is. And she has a dentastick every day. She is my life, do you not think I would be here without her to be honest

A stray cat I had been trying to get to help finally gained confidence in me and came into my house (via cat flap) and gave birth to these wonderful kittens. I have since had the mum spayed and found homes for the beautiful kittens.

I hand reared Benjamin when his mummy died in ratbirth,i keep him happy and healthy by giving him as much loving as his little body can handle and a fresh supply of fruit and veg and fibre he can consume,i love him to death.x