Happy Healthy Pets Project

We’re inspired by how much you heart your pets!

So inspired, that over the next 12 months, we’re building the UK’s biggest ever gallery of happy, healthy pets. We know you love to snap pics of your animal friends – why not share them?

We’re asking owners, vet and pet experts across the country to show what a happy, healthy pet looks like. From cats and dogs to bunnies and terrapins alike, we want to inspire owners everywhere to make sure their pets receive the best healthcare through independent, expert advice.

Simply click here to upload your picture to the gallery or search for happy, healthy pictures of your favourite pets by browsing below.

We go on 3 long walk's a day to enjoy the fresh air and explore, she has meat and rice twice a day and one duck treat. she goes camping twice a year and a holiday at the beach which she enjoys she has lots of dog friends who she plays with at he dog park

Deflead/wormed/annual vaccinations/health check. Good quality food - lots of variations. Play. Allow him outside so he can go do cat things (even though I hate him catching birds I feel it's not right keeping cats indoors). He has a best friend, a dog!

2 hours walking per day off lead. Learning tricks to stimulate him mentally. He mixes with lots of dogs daily. Has good no wheat/additives food. He swims regularly. I don't bath him too often to keep natural oils on his coat. Deflead/wormed/immunised.

Jake is a racing rescue dog and steals food at every opportunity. He loves butternut squash, buckwheat flour, entire cakes, chicken bones, quick yeast and risotto rice...
To avoid more vet costs and anxiety we now have a baby gate & hang all bags up high!