Happy Healthy Pets Project

We’re inspired by how much you heart your pets!

So inspired, that over the next 12 months, we’re building the UK’s biggest ever gallery of happy, healthy pets. We know you love to snap pics of your animal friends – why not share them?

We’re asking owners, vet and pet experts across the country to show what a happy, healthy pet looks like. From cats and dogs to bunnies and terrapins alike, we want to inspire owners everywhere to make sure their pets receive the best healthcare through independent, expert advice.

Simply click here to upload your picture to the gallery or search for happy, healthy pictures of your favourite pets by browsing below.

stan is kept happy by the lots of ❤ he gets and gives back and his toys. such a loving dog , originally fitted in palm of our hands . His favorite treats are carrots and he loves going outside even in garden and loves catching the snow flakes in winter .

He is happy & healthy now, we lost him last year and thought we would never see him again but lo and behold, he was stuck down a chimney, a bag of bones and not too sure how he survived but he is back to his former handsome self.

by feeding the best kitten food ,since hes been born hes been checked by the vet and he said thats hes in perfect health.hes a very happy kitten,full of energy and very inquisitive,he loves playing chase with his best friend my dog mitzi

Lady and yogi like nothing more than playing and running around with each other and flaying football , too keep them cool in the hot weather I give them ice in there water and dog ice poles , they love strawberrys and watermelon , and playing in the swimmi

Lots of interesting and different walking routes.
Allow Simba to 'track' the kids to stimulate the mind.
Plenty of different toys, balls, frisbees, etc.
Balanced diet and exercise.
Regular vet checks and immunisations.
Love, play, hugs and my time.