Happy Healthy Pets Project

We’re inspired by how much you heart your pets!


So inspired, that over the next 12 months, we’re building the UK’s biggest ever gallery of happy, healthy pets. We know you love to snap pics of your animal friends – why not share them?

We’re asking owners, vet and pet experts across the country to show what a happy, healthy pet looks like. From cats and dogs to bunnies and terrapins alike, we want to inspire owners everywhere to make sure their pets receive the best healthcare through independent, expert advice.

Simply click here to upload your picture to the gallery or search for happy, healthy pictures of your favourite pets by browsing below.

Magic lives in our aviary with his bunny friend, Maisie (she mothers all small animals and birds) and lots of budgies and cockatiels. He has a lovely snuggly bed of hay and lots of freshly picked grass, dandelions, celery, carrots and guinea pig mix.

Evie enjoys playing out everyday in our garden. She also enjoys playing at home. Evie enjoys her meals and has regular visits to see the vet. She was poorly a couple of years ago and lost a couple of teeth but she is still loved by the whole.

Peanut is a 1 year old wild European hedgehog who was born under a vegetable trough in our garden. We have made hog houses in our garden and provide them with food and water daily. They have an opening under our gate so can come and go as they please!

Bobby aka Bob Bob is a happy healthy guinea pig who loves attention. Her favorite time is in the run in the garden munching on the grass. She also loves running around the dining room and waiting patiently for her breakfast! She has learnt the word 'tea!'

We grow fresh vegetables in our garden for our guinea pigs. Their favourites are carrot tops, spinach, grass and parsley. They are also fed nuggets, fresh water and hay daily. They get daily cuddles and are checked over and groomed as well as exercise.

This is Ebony, a 3 year old Peruvian guinea pig. Ebony has monthly haircuts as she is long-haired! She is groomed daily and always looks forward to her cucumber slice afterwards! She has fresh food and dry nuggets daily as well as water, hay and treats.

Amber is a 3 year old abbyruvian guinea pig. She has a 3 storey cage indoors and loves to have a daily run around in the dining room with her cage mate Ebony. When the weather is nice she enjoys going out in the garden.

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