Rabbit Awareness Week this year focusses on asking UK rabbit owners to #ProtectAndPrevent by vaccination, to help make sure our rabbits to not fall prey to potentially fatal infectious disease. Veterinary surgeon Tessa Plagis from NOAH explains…….  Read more

There are several different species of mites, however the most common one to affect rabbits is Cheyletiella which causes mange. This article explains what mites are and how you can treat them.  Read more

Myxomatosis is a nasty, highly contagious viral disease which is endemic in the wild rabbit population in the UK. The disease is often fatal and it is spread by blood-sucking insects, such as fleas and mosquitoes, and by contact with infected rabbits.  Read more

Fleas are small, black blood-sucking insects that measure 1-3mm in length and are one of the most common parasites found on rabbits. In fact, nearly all rabbits will suffer from a flea infestation at some point in their lives.  Read more

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