Rescue Centre

Thousands of pets end up in rescue and re-homing centres each year due to a variety of reasons including change in family circumstances and inability to cope with a pet’s characteristics and care requirements.

Many rescue and re-homing centres believe that the secret to a happy pet is that pets and their owners are well matched.  Therefore do your research before purchasing a pet and make sure you ask the rescue and re-homing centre for the animal’s history. Often rescue and re-homing centres provide potential new owners with a profile of what they’re looking for in a new home taking into account the size, age and temperament of the pet.  Some may also insist on home visits prior to re-homing pets in their care.

Please find below a selection of websites for rescue and re-homing centres that may be worth considering if you’re thinking about purchasing a new pet. These are just a few - check out those local to you! It’s advisable to phone and arrange an appointment first to ensure that you don’t have a wasted journey.

Blue Cross
Cat Chat
Cats Protection
Dog Pages
Dogs Trust
The Mayhew Animal Home



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