What does pet health look like this month? Welcome to the October edition of our ‘We Are One Health’ pet owner blog series. Each month we explore a different topic related to our companion animals. October 10th is World Mental Health Day focussing on mental health issues around the world, so we’re taking a look at how owning a pet can have a positive effect on our mental health, and how we can make sure our pets are happy and healthy too. Read more

As temperatures rise, tick numbers are on the increase all over the country. It is an important time to check you are doing all you can to protect your furry friends, as well as yourself. Read more

Rabbit Awareness Week this year focusses on asking UK rabbit owners to #ProtectAndPrevent by vaccination, to help make sure our rabbits to not fall prey to potentially fatal infectious disease. Veterinary surgeon Tessa Plagis from NOAH explains……. Read more

Our pets are part of our family, the best friends we could ever have, and when it comes to their health, of course we just want to make sure they are always having the time of their lives. They are our life companions and we, as pet owners, are gatekeepers for their wellbeing. So, are we 100% confident that we are doing whatever it takes to protect them from any harm? Read more

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